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गोल्ड तारण कर्ज त्वरित उपलब्ध
 Policies - GDCC Bank
There are various policies run by GDCC bank for the development and growth of its members and account holders specially the Farmers. Following are the policies implemented by the Bank:
  The Importance of Loan Recovery for the Development and Growth of the Farmers -   Click to read
  Policies for Crop loans - Click to read
  The Rules and Regulations to be followed for Loans - View in PDF format
  Swarna Jayanti Gram Self Employment Scheme [Swarna Jayanti Gram Swarojgar   Yojna - View in PDF format
  Bachat Gat [Non SHGY] Loan Policies - Swayam Sahayataa Bachat Gat Cash Credit   karja maryada Manjuriche Dhoran - Click to read
  Mobile Banking Privacy Policy - Click to read
  MPassbook Privacy Policy - Click to read
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