लखपती योजना       धनलक्ष्मी ठेव योजना (दाम दुप्पट)      धनवर्षा ठेव योजना (दाम दिडपट)      धनवर्धिनी ठेव योजना (दाम दिडपट पेक्षा जास्त)      होम लोन
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The Gadchiroli District Central Co-operative Bank Ltd, is established in the year 1985. It is one of the developed bank situated in Gadchiroli district with the net profit of more than 9 crores in the year 2013-14. The Bank has the presence at all 12 talukas with Head office, 50 Branches and 4 Extension counters with fully Core Banking System. ATM service is provided at all taluka places. Branches are located in highly naxalite area and are still working successfully.
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Core Banking
ATM Facility
Fast Gold Loan
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Gold Loan
Payment of electric bill
Aadhar Linkage
LPG SUbsidy
Scheme For Mahila Bachat Gat
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लखपती योजना
धनलक्ष्मी ठेव योजना (दाम दुप्पट)
धनवर्षा ठेव योजना (दाम दिडपट)
धनवर्धीनी ठेव योजना (दाम दिडपट पेक्षा जास्त)

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