लखपती योजना       धनलक्ष्मी ठेव योजना (दाम दुप्पट)      धनवर्षा ठेव योजना (दाम दिडपट)      धनवर्धिनी ठेव योजना (दाम दिडपट पेक्षा जास्त)      होम लोन
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गोल्ड तारण कर्ज त्वरित उपलब्ध
About GDCC Bank

GDCC bank will be successfully completing its 37 years of operations next year and will be celebrating its silver jubilee. With growth in every aspect of banking, the bank has earned a net profit of Rs. 1321.22 Lakhs during financial year 2021-22.

Various Co-operative societies of Gadchiroli district has purchased the shares of bank in order to provide capital to the GDCC bank.

As per the amount of capital recommended By NABARD the CAPITAL ADEQUACY RATIO of GDCC bank is 14.55% which is sufficient. As per rules and regulations of NABARD, this capital amount should not be less than 9%.

Due to various schemes launched and successfully run by GDCC bank for MahilaBachat Gat and Self-help groups, the bank has been the recipient of prestigious award from NABARD since last 5 years and banking frontiers Award in financial year 2017-18 through ex-Governer of RBI which is a matter of great honor for the bank.


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